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“I created American Made Audio out of a natural desire to connect with music. In 2009, I started the Windham Hill Records Discography project, and listed my audio components t0 provide context to my music reviews. I had naturally assembled components made in California and throughout the US and called it the American Audio List. The list grew as readers suggested brands that they owned and loved. Pretty soon, there was more traffic on the American Made Audio list than on the rest of the music site. It’s clear that folks are passionate and curious about American Made Audio equipment.”
~ John Dark, Publisher

Quality can come from any corner of the world – there are fantastic audio components made on every continent – but knowing where your stereo is made has benefits both practical and intangible. Whether you need local support, or whether you like to think that the equipment designer was listening to the same music you like when they developed your speakers, knowing about the origins of your equipment can give you a richer experience.

Why American Made Audio?

Quite simply, much of the world’s finest audio equipment is made in the US. From legacy brands making quality audio components in historic factories, to upstart companies using innovative technologies, American companies make the products that bring you closer to the music.

Some heritage companies were founded here when that was the only obvious choice. As mid-market brands closed factories and outsourced manufacturing to locations outside the USA, quality-focused brands insisted on keeping manufacturing nearby to maintain control and high standards.

From the early days of Marconi, Edison, Bell Labs, RCA and Western Electric, American companies have lead the way and developed the technologies for reproducing music in the home today.

A quick look at the names on the American Made list will tell you that many of these companies did not exist 20 years ago. Many founders came out of the healthy US military, aerospace or telecom industries, and then applied their skills to their passion for music. The United States remains a place where it is easy to start a company, with access to capital, talented labor, and a culture of innovation.

American Audiophiles
Manufacturers from all over the world seek access to the US and it’s market of music-lovers who can afford to spend top dollar on their passion, and often do. Active audiophile societies share music and equipment in the larger cities, and some of the best recording studios and pressing plants in the world make the music we listen to.

How do American companies get onto The List?

1) Be an American company who manufactures music, audio, car audio and/or home theater equipment in the United States. There is no cost to be listed.
2) Send an email detailing your products, the location of your factory, and other relevant details to:

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How do you define “American Made”?

We live in an international world, and that’s a good thing. We define American Made Audio as those components where the preponderance of design, manufacturing and assembly are done in the United States.

Not every piece of a product need be made in the USA to be listed here, for example, speakers are often (but not always) assembled here in USA-made cases with drivers made in Europe or Asia. Cables are often assembled here with wire made in Japan or elsewhere.

Of course, the FTC has a fairly specific definition of what “Made in USA” and “Assembled in USA” means. In many cases, you need to have verified insight into a company’s supply chain to determine what qualifies. Check with your dealer or manufacturer. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Not every product made by a company need be made in the USA to be listed here, but a majority of their products will be – be sure to check with the manufacturer before buying.

Over time, we hope to introduce levels of certification to help recognize manufacturers who produce 100% of their products in the USA.

John Dark

John Dark, Publisher

Music and Technology have been my lifelong passions. I was the teen writing record reviews for my high-school and hometown newspapers; the college student going to live concerts and trying to replicate that connection with the music at home; the young man buying his first high-end system with planar speakers and made-in-the-USA electronics and cables.

Professionally, I’m proud of my lifetime career in telecommunications sales and marketing – connecting people via voice and data. My experience as a marketer and product manager in the mobile phone and satellite communications worlds makes me appreciate what it takes for audio companies to bring products to listeners.