American Stereo, Home Theater, and Car Audio

The List

UPDATED 2023 FOR 2024

Quite simply, much of the world’s finest audio equipment is American. Here you will find a master list of companies who manufacture high-end audio, home theater and car audio equipment in the United States.

Several important points:

  1. This list is self-reported from manufacturers or based on information gleaned from advertising, corporate websites, reviews and other places.
  2. Not every product from every manufacturer is made in the USA.
  3. Click here to learn about “Made in USA” and “Assembled in USA” standards – many companies listed here make products that are best defined as “Assembled in the USA.”

To see a listing of all brands that make products in a certain category, simply click on that category. To learn more about a featured brand, simply click on its name. Have an addition or correction? Let us know. 



Abyss Headphones – Lancaster, NY – Headphones

Acoustic Zen – San Diego, CA – Cables Speakers

Acurus AV – Indianapolis, IN – Amplifiers Computer Audio Digital Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers

Aerial Acoustics – Wilmington, MA – Speakers

Aesthetix – Moorpark, CA – Accessories Amplifiers Digital Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

AGD Productions – Los Angeles, CA –  Amplifiers  Preamplifier

Ammo Audio – Fayetteville, GA – Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Analogue Productions – Salina, KS – Audiophile Music Label

ANTICABLES – Lake Elmo, MN –  Cables

Aragon – Indianapolis, IN – Amplifiers

Arion Audio – Charlotte, NC – Amplifiers Cables  Speakers

ASC Acoustic Sciences Corporation  – Eugene, OR Accessories

Ascend Acoustics – San Clemente, CA – Home Theater Speakers Subwoofers

ATI Amplifier Technologies – Montebello, CA – Amplifiers

Atma-Sphere – St. Paul, MN – Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Audeze – Costa Mesa, CA – Headphones Amplifiers

Audible Illusions – Daytona Beach, FL – Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Audio by Van Alstine – Woodbury, MN – Accessories Amplifiers Computer Audio Digital
Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers Speakers

Audio Intelligent Fluids – Hallsville, MO – Record Cleaning Machines

Audio Magic – Aurora, CO – Cables

Audio Research – Minneapolis, MN – Amplifiers Digital Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Austin Audio Works – Austin, TX – Amplifiers  Headphone Amps

Avalon Acoustics – Boulder, CO – Speakers

Ayre Acoustics – Boulder, CO – Accessories Amplifiers  Computer Audio Digital Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers



BAlabo Bridge Audio Laboratory – Scotts Valley, CA – Amplifiers DACs Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers

Basis Audio – Hollis, NH – Accessories Turntables

BAT (Balanced Audio Technology) – Wilmington, DE – Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Bel Canto Design – Minneapolis, MN – Amplifiers Computer Audio Digital DACs Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers

Benchmark Media Systems – Syracuse, NY – Amplifiers Computer Audio Digital  Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers DACs Cables 

Bendy Head Headphone Stands – Woodland Hills, CA – Headphones

Berkeley Audio Design – Berkeley, CA – DACs

Better Cables – Broadlands, VA – Cables

Blue Coast Records – Belmont, CA – Audiophile Music Label

Blumenstein Audio – Seattle, WA – Accessories Amplifiers Speakers

Bob Carver Corporation – Lexington, KY – Amplifiers Speakers

Bob’s Devices – Billings, MT – Accessories Phono Preamplifiers

Border Patrol – Waldorf, MD – Accessories Amplifiers Power Conditioners Preamplifiers

Bottlehead Audio – Bainbridge Island, WA – Accessories Amplifiers
Headphones Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Boulder Amplifiers – Boulder, CO – Digital Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Bricasti Design – Shirley, MA – Amplifiers Computer Audio Digital  Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers

Brown Audio Labs – Graham, TX –  Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Burwell & Sons Loudspeakers – San Mateo, CA – Speakers




Campfire Audio – Portland, OR – Headphones

Cardas Audio – Bandon, OR –  Cables

Cary Audio – Raleigh, NC – Amplifiers Computer Audio Digital Home Theater Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers Phono Preamplifiers

Carvin Audio Amplifiers – San Diego, CA – Guitar Amps

CAT Convergent Audio Technology – Rush, NY – Amplifiers Preamplifiers

Chapman Audio Systems – Vashon, WA – Speakers

Classic Audio Loudspeakers – Brighton, MI – Speakers

CODA Technologies and Continuum Electronics – Sacramento, CA – Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers Phono Preamplifiers

Conrad Johnson – Fairfax, VA – Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Cullen Cable – Paso Robles, CA – Cables




Daedalus Audio – Ferndale, WA – Speakers

Daniel D’Agostino Master Audio Systems – Cave Creek, AZ – Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Danley Sound Labs – Gainesville, GA – Amplifiers Computer Audio DACs Digital Speakers Subwoofers

David Berning – Potomac, MD – Amplifiers Preamplifiers

Decware – East Peoria, IL – Amplifiers Cables DACs Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Devore Fidelity – Brooklyn, NY – Speakers

Direct Sound Extreme Headphones – Fenton, MO – Headphones

Donald North Audio – Los Angeles, CA – Amplifiers Speakers

Doshi Audio – Manassas, VA – Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers




Eggleston Works – Memphis, TN – Speakers

Emerald Physics – Broomfield, CO – Speakers

Eminent Technology – Tallahassee, FL – Headphones Speakers Turntables Tonearms 

Exemplar Audio – Lake Stevens, WA – Amplifiers Analog Cables  Headphone Amps  Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers Speakers

Exogal – Minneapolis, MN – DACs




Fern and Roby – Richmond, VA – Headphones Speakers Turntables

First Sound Audio – Renton, WA – Amplifiers Preamplifiers




Galibier Design – Colorado – Turntables

Genesis Loudspeakers – Seattle, WA – Speakers

Grado Labs – Brooklyn, NY – Headphones Phono Cartridges

Groovetracer – Santa Clara, CA – Turntable and Phono Accessories

GrooveWasher – North Kansas City, Missouri – Record Cleaning Machines

Grover Huffman – West Hills, CA – Cables




HeadAmp Audio Electronics – Charlottesville, VA – Amplifiers Headphones

Herron Audio – Maryland Heights, MO – Amplifiers Cables Preamplifiers

HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems – Buffalo, NY – Accessories Audio Racks, Stands and Feet

Human Speakers – Lee, NH – Speakers




Intervention Records – Santa Rosa, CA – Audiophile Music Label




JansZen Audio – Columbus, OH – Speakers Subwoofers

JDS Labs – St. Louis, MO – Amplifiers Headphones DACs

Jeff Rowland Design Group – Colorado Springs, CO – Amplifiers Cables Digital Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers

JH Audio – Orlando, FL – Amplifiers Headphones




Kimber Kable – Ogden, UT – Cables

Kinetic Systems Vibraplane – Boston, MA – Accessories Audio Racks, Stands and Feet

Klipsch Audio Technologies – Hope AR –  Speakers

Krell Industries – Orange, CT – Amplifiers Computer Audio Digital Home Theater Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers Speakers

Kubala-Sosna Research – Cedar Knolls, NJCables




Lamm Industries – Brooklyn, NY – Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Lavry Engineering – Rolling Bay, WA – DACs

Legacy Audio – Springfield, IL – Amplifiers Speakers

Linear Tube Audio – Washington, DC – Amplifiers Headphones

LKV Research – North Conway, NH – Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers




MA Recordings – Encino, CA – Audiophile Music Label

Magico Loudspeakers – Hayward, CA – Accessories Speakers

Mahaffay Amps – Aliso Viejo, CA – Guitar Amps

Magnepan Speakers – White Bear Lake, MN – Speakers

Manley Laboratories – Chino, CA – Amplifiers Headphones Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Mapleshade – Baltimore, MD – Accessories Cables Power Conditioners Audio Racks, Stands and Feet  Audiophile Music Label

Mark Levinson – Northridge, CA – Amplifiers Digital Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

McGary Audio – Gainesville, VA – Amplifiers

McIntosh – Binghamton, NY – Amplifiers Cables Car Audio Computer Audio Digital Headphones Home Theater Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers Speakers Tuners Turntables

Merrill Audio – Bernardsville, NJ –  Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

MIT Cables – Rocklin, CA – Cables

Millennia Media – Diamond Springs, CA – Amplifiers Computer Audio Digital  Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers Phono Preamps

ModWright Instruments – Amboy, WA – Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Mobile Fidelity – Chicago, IL – Audiophile Music Label Turntables

Morrow Audio – Independence, KY – Cables

Mr. Speakers – San Diego, CA – Headphones

MSB Technology – Watsonville, CA – DACs

Music Matters Jazz – Valencia, CA – Audiophile Music Label

Musica Pristina – Raleigh, NC – DACs Digital Computer Audio




Nitty Gritty – Montclair, CA – Vinyl Record Cleaning Machines

NOLA Speakers – Holbrook, NY – Speakers

Nordost Cables– Holliston, MA – Cables




Ohm Acoustics – Brooklyn, NY – Speakers

Omega Loudspeakers – Norwalk, CT – Speakers

Orb Audio – Sherman Oaks, CA – Home Theater Speakers Subwoofers

Oswald Mills Audio – New York, NY – Amplifiers  Speakers Cables



Paradox Pulse -Victorville, CA – Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers Phono Cartridges

Pass Labs – Auburn, CA – Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers Speakers

PBN Audio – El Cajon, CA – Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers Speakers

Placette Audio – Boise, ID – Amplifiers Power Preamplifiers

Playback Designs – Alamo, CA – Computer Audio Digital DACs

Power Modules – Pittsford, NY – Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Pro Audio Technology – Lake Forest, CA – Speakers

PS Audio – Boulder, CO – Accessories Amplifiers Cables Computer Audio Digital Headphones Integrated Amplifiers Power Preamplifiers

PTE Acoustics (Precision Transducer Engineering) – Orange, CA – Speakers Phono Preamplifiers

Purist Audio Design – Clute, TX – Cables

Purity Audio Design – Endicot, NY – Amplifiers Preamplifiers



 Quicksilver Audio – Stockton, CA – Amplifiers Cables Preamplifiers Phono Preamplifiers




Redpoint Turntable – Scottsdale, AZ – Accessories Turntables

Reference Recordings – San Francisco, CA – Audiophile Music Label

Resolution Audio – San Francisco, CA – Amplifiers Computer Audio Digital DACs Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers

Rockport Technologies – Rockport, ME – Speakers Turntables

Rogers High Fidelity – Warwick, NY –  Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers

Rogue Audio – Brodheadsville, PA – Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Rupert Neve Designs – Wimberly, TX – Headphones Amplifiers

Ryan Loudspeakers – Riverside, CA – Speakers

Rythmik Audio – Austin, TX – Subwoofers



Sanders Sound Systems – Conifer, CO – Speakers

Schiit Audio – Valencia, CA – Accessories Amplifiers Computer Audio Digital Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers

Shahinian Acoustics – Medford, NY – Speakers

Shunyata Research – Poulsbo, WA – Accessories Cables Power Conditioners

Silent Running Audio – Hauppauge, NY – Accessories Audio Racks, Stands and Feet

Silverline Audio – Walnut Creek, CA – Speakers

Silversmith Audio Cables – San Diego, CA – Cables

Snake River Audio – Riggins, ID – Cables

SOTA Turntables – DeKalb, IL – Accessories Turntables

Sound-Smith – Peekskill, NY – Accessories Amplifiers Phono Cartridges Phono Preamplifiers Speakers

Soundlab Speakers – Gunnison, UT – Accessories Home Theater Speakers

Source Loudspeaker Technologies – South Windsor, CT – Speakers

Spatial Audio – Park City, UT – Speakers

Spiral Groove – Berkeley, CA – Turntables

Straight Wire Cables – Hollywood, FL – Cables

Sutherland Engineering – Kansas City, MO – Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifier

Synergistic Research – Irvine, CA – Accessories Cables Power Conditioners




Tavish Design – Westchester, CT – Amplifiers Preamplifiers Phono Preamplifiers

Tekton Design – Orem, UT – Home Theater Speakers Subwoofers

Theta Digital – Montebello, CA – Amplifiers Computer Audio Digital Home Theater Preamplifiers

Triangle Art – Anaheim, CA – Amplifiers Cables Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Turntables

Triode Wire Labs – Massapequa, NY – Cables





Unity Audio Design – Pleasanton, CA – Accessories Cables

U-turn Audio – Boston, MA – Turntables




VAC Amps – Sarasota, FL – Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Vandersteen Audio – Hanford, CA – Amplifiers Speakers Subwoofers

Viola Audio Laboratories –  Amplifiers Preamplifiers

Vinnie Rossie – Holden, MA – Accessories Headphones Speakers

Volti Audio – Fairfield, ME – Speakers

Von Gaylord – West Sacramento, CA – Amplifiers  Cables DACs Preamplifiers Speakers

Von Schweikert Audio – Riverside, CA – Speakers

VPI Industries – Cliffwood, NJ – Turntables

VTL Amplifiers – Chino, CA – Amplifiers Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers




Wave Kinetics – Portland, OR – Accessories Turntables

Wavelength Audio – Cincinnati, OH – Amplifiers Preamplifiers DACs

Wells Audio – Campbell, CA – Amplifiers Headphones

Whammerdyne – Portland, OR – Amplifiers

Wilson Audio – Provo, UT – Speakers

Wireworld Cables – Davie, FL – Cables

Woo Audio – New York, NY – Accessories Amplifiers Headphones Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

Wyred 4 Sound – Atascadero, CA – Amplifiers Computer Audio DACs Digital Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers




YG Acoustics – Arvada, CO – Speakers




Zesto Audio – Thousand Oaks, CA – Amplifiers Home Theater Integrated Amplifiers Phono Preamplifiers Preamplifiers

ZMF Headphones – Chicago, IL – Headphones

Zu Audio – Ogden, UT – Accessories Cables Phono Cartridges Speakers Subwoofers

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