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Acoustic Zen Technologies
San Diego, CA

Acoustic Zen Technologies Legendary engineer Robert Lee founded Acoustic Zen Technologies was in 2000. The aim from the company’s outset was to explore acoustical behavior and sonic transmission in live music in order to make innovative cable and loudspeaker designs that build upon advances in materials research, engineering, and manufacturing.

Lee has successfully championed unsung technologies like underhung speaker drivers and single-crystal cable wire, all in service of the music. The resulting designs provide precise musicality, extraordinary sonic dynamics, and soundstage accuracy that enhance any home theater or sound reproduction system.

“Music at its best,” says Lee, “has an indefinable character of soulfulness …I call it ‘sound afloat.’ When music is right, when it is perfect, it seems to soar and dart like children playing on a big, green, open lawn. Music takes you with it. Music gathers us inside itself. It changes our lives. Great music makes us high on nothing but itself. It lets us be as elevated as we truly are, at our best, inside our souls. And so I think that the most perfect music is like zen. And the most beautiful and accurate sound is like acoustic zen.”

Acoustic Zen products are assembled in San Diego, with a mix of domestic and imported parts.

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Audio Cables

Acoustic Zen cables almost exclusively feature single-crystal wire, carefully constructed and then wrapped in stunning textiles. They offer excellent options at every price level including interconnects, digital cables and speaker cables, so it’s easy to run a full loom.


What if you could find a loudspeaker that actually fulfilled the high-end promise of smooth, full range frequency response, time and phase alignment that creates superb images in space, with vanishingly low distortion and gorgeous finishes all at a price that is within the reach of most music lovers? That was the challenge when Acoustic Zen set out to create the Crescendo and Adagio range of speakers – with floor-standing, stand-mount and sub-woofer options.

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