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Kubala-Sosna Research

Kubala-Sosna Research
Cedar Knolls, NJ

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Remarkably musical interconnects and speaker cables made in the USA from American wire. Kubala-Sosna is a relative newcomer to the super-cable category, but has clearly established itself as one of the finest makers of cables, from its very modestly priced Fantasy line to the all-out-assault Elation line.

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Cables Connect You To The Performance

Kubala-Sosna is proud to announce that there are now SIX ways to Connect to the Performance™. Each ensemble is comprised of cables that complement each other to maximize performance at the chosen level.

Elation Cables

Elation is a supreme reference cable that provides staggering, unprecedented levels of performance. Elation! has the ability to transport you to the venue, allowing you to Connect to the Performance™ like no other cable in the world.

Emotion Cables

This ensemble is truly a collection of master reference component links. We have been told many times that audiophiles “did not really hear their systems” until they connected to the performance with cables from the Emotion Ensemble!

Expression Cables

Expression Cables utilize a different version of the OptimiZ™ Architecture found in our Emotion Series Component Links. The Expression Series is the equal of many well-respected top-of-the-line cables, possibly bested only by our own Emotion ensemble.

Fascination Cables

Fascination cables represent the entry into our RevolutionZ™ Series, a truly high-performance collection of cables that begin to showcase the OptimiZ™ Architecture.

In the development process, these cables actually came after the discovery of the top two series, Emotion and Expression. We challenged ourselves to find a way to offer a more cost effective product using our new geometry.

Anticipation Cables

Anticipation Cables can be viewed as our premier home theater cables, or, as our first offering for quality 2-channel systems. The name was chosen to highlight the fact that there is a hint of what is to come from our RevolutionZ™ Products in what you will hear from Anticipation cables.

Imagination Cables

Imagination Cables offer astonishing levels of performance at their price point. They are appropriate for Audio or Home Theater applications.

These component links will help you “get lost in the fantasy” that has always been the basis of the film industry, and offer significant levels of audio system satisfaction.

All Kubala-Sosna cables include our exclusive 30/60/90 Satisfaction Guarantee and Upgrade privileges towards future purchases.

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